Sharp IMG Viewer

Sharp IMG Viewer web site enables you to upload images and video files and post them to social networks, send by E-mail or SMS/MMS.

Web Site Desktop application

The most important implemented features

  • Loading and saving of images in a variety of formats
  • Extracting images from assemblies, archives (ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, Z, PPMd, 7z, LZMA, XZ, RAR, XAR, Microsoft Cabinet and WIM formats), disk image files (ISO, FAT, NTFS, EXT), virtual disk files (VMware VMDK, Oracle VirtualBox VDI, Microsoft VHD, XenServer Virtual Appliance XVA, Apple DMG), Windows executables, resources, Shockwave Flash (SWF), video, compound and compiled help files
  • Transferring image data from scanner or camera
  • Sending image to E-mail and Skype recipients
  • Easy access to image metadata
  • Converting bitmap's bit depths from one to another
  • Accessing frames in an image when there are multiple
  • Basic manipulation of image, such as rotation, flipping and resampling
  • Alpha compositing and alpha blending
  • Import and export to Adobe PDF files
  • Drag and drop support
  • Clipboard copy and paste operations support
  • Uploading to Sharp IMG Viewer web site with OAuth2 authorization for Google accounts